Bring on the Starving!

Here comes the misery

I’ll have to start living in the gym

Goodbye all food I love

So long fruit and I’ll never see you never potatoes (don’t even think about the PIZZA and CHOCOLATE)

oh and ummmm wine…Sniffle….so long

Have you ever started your diet with these thoughts?

Ever noticed how you rarely hear about anyone celebrating their journey to health or weight loss?

There’s so much out there weight loss advice  and “rules” out there, we are all so confused on what the heck it even takes to get to the weight we want.

Oh any how do we even stay there (that’s skipped over entirely – stay tuned for that, I won’t leave you hanging) 

When you think of the word “diet”  what comes to mind?  

Do you go right into your memory bank of all those times before you tried before and were miserable? 

Did you eat waaaaaaay less?  And then workout waaaaaaay more?  Only to feel exhausted, hungry and defeated? 

Yup, I’ve been there too … a lot. 

I thought that was what it “takes” to lose weight. 

I would try it and even see some success, for a little while. 

Then I would gain in back and even more (lucky me)

I spent years of my life and I can’t even tell you how much money on diets, programs, plans, gyms, dvds and anything that promised fast weight loss. 

Each time I would “start again” I would have the last supper before the misery and starving would begin.  

Did you ever do that?  You know, the “diet starts tomorrow” so I should eat EVERYTHING in sight.  

Yup it was part of my master success plan.  Eat everything now because:

  • I can never eat those foods again and lose weigh
  • It needs to be out of here so I don’t dare be tempted to eat it when I’m on my “diet”
  • I love this junk and need to enjoy it one last time so I can be “good” tomorrow. 
Diets don't work

I’ve been there.  Many, Many MANY TIMES!

It wasn’t until after years of struggle did I make up my mind enough was enough!

I went to school to understand nutrition, fitness and how the brain works so I could finally have all the  pieces I was searching for.

You don’t have to be miserable to lose weight. 

Yes, I’ll say that one more time (I didn’t believe it either)

You DO NOT have to be MISERABLE to lose weight!

Get this, it’s actually even better if you enjoy the process. 

I know, take a minute here to stop laughing and get all of your eye rolling over and done with. 

Ok, are you collected now.  Really, I need for you to hear this.  I didn’t believe it either.  

Turns out being miserable, over strict and talking mean to yourself actually doesn’t help. 

I know it feels like it in the moment and even we take action to “start again” from the place of being mean to ourselves, but it doesn’t last.   

I would call myself all kinds of horrible awful names. I would pick apart my body in a terrible way telling myself how gross I was, how disgusting I looked and I would start yet another diet. 

I’d look for a super restrictive extreme diet because that is what everyone seemed to be getting so much success from. 

I’d hear “I dropped 10lbs this week on this diet” or “Lose the weight you want FAST”

OOOOH that sounds good, I’m in!  Tell me what to eat, what not to eat and how to workout and I”m there!

Well, I’d do that….for a bit…

Then it would stop working or

I couldn’t follow it or stay on it or I was too busy

So I would again, tell myself how gross I was, how I was so weak and couldn’t lose weight.  

I’d ask what was wrong with me and my brain would go on and on pulling things I was just terrible at. 

Wow, that list was pretty long. 

I felt like a constant failure and was so ashamed

What did I do, gain more weight and look for yet another DIET

Google help me out here, how can I lose weight FAST

To which hundreds of diets, and details would come up. 

Each one more intense or more extreme and even a bit wackado, but I would set off to try and “be good” and lose this weight 

I had my 4th baby and found myself extremely overweight yet again, tired, and frustrated and so over the diets

I thought “There’s something missing, there’s got to be a way to figure this out!”

Instead of trying to just be skinny super quick and putting myself through miserable diets I couldn’t and didn’t want to stay on, I decided, I wanted to actually lose my extra weight and get HEALTHY and STAY THERE

This  was it, something shifted

I never tried to understand health or my body.

I just wanted to be skinny, it didn’t even matter how.

I changed my searching.

I didn’t want to keep DIETING

I didn’t want another meal plan or diet

I didn’t want to be miserable and constantly feel like I was starving

I didn’t want to put my body through hours of workouts a day

I didn’t want to fear food

I didn’t want to fight it all with willpower every hour of the day

I didn’t want to lose and gain the same damn weight over and over again. 

I didn’t want to keep stopping

I didn’t want to keep failing

I didn’t want to hate myself and my body anymore

Google... Why am I overweight?

Understanding what is going on is the first step. 

I didn’t even know why I was holding onto fat

I didn’t know why I was so hungry

I didn’t know why I was eating what I was eating

I didn’t know what foods worked for my body

I didn’t know a lot, but that was ok, I was ready to ending all these diets and get healthy!

So I do

I studied and learned for years.  

Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness

These are the 3 areas to focus on for long lasting health

I finally put the pieces together and not only learned now to lose the weight but how to do it without being miserable or mean to myself. 

It is possible!  Stay tuned, I’m going to share it all with you!

Here we go friends!!! xoxo

The Unstoppable Method – Finally created to help you!!!