Fuel foods and Non Fuel Foods

The real story behind calories and eating


Everything Each Day

Write down what you ate/drank, the time and why


How are you feeling

Make a note of you hunger, energy and cravings


Find Your Best Method

Use an app, notebook, take pictures, whatever is easy, but gives you all the informaiton

Here we go, I'm here 100% to help you

Taking the time to really understand why you have the results you have now is KEY.

I know most diets have you change you meals right away and follow their rules.  This is different. We want to see WHAT is giving you the results you have now.

We are looking for what the nutrition you’re eating now is doing to your hunger and also looking to uncover the other habits causing the eating if you aren’t eating for physical hunger.

Log Ideas

App like myfitnesspal

Journal or notebook

notes app on your phone

Save these logs. I will be asking questions about them to help build your program.

Also, if you notice you’re changing your eating because you’re logging, make note of that too.  ie – I was going to grab cookies, but when I remembered I had to log it, I decided not to.

This is important so we can find habits that you’re used to doing.  These are the habits we usually fall back to once the “diet is over.”  Not this time, we are going to work on new habits.

You will NOT be logging forever – we are in discovery mode

  • What time did you eat
  • What did you eat
  • Why did you eat

Logging Sheet

Printable PDF 


Tip – Log as soon as you’re done eating. Waiting till the end of the night will be hard to remember.