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by | Dec 13, 2019 | Weight Loss

I love how easy it is to get info now.  I’m kinda an info-acholic.  There’s a problem with it too though, sometimes this advise isn’t help you.

Right now we are hitting the end of the year and with this I bet you’ve been getting slammed with weight loss programs, adds, plans and promises,  Yeah, me too…It’s everywhere.

Every notice all the advise that actually goes AGAINIST other advise we’ve heard?  Do this, Do that, not that or now way this.

It’s so confusing!

I say, forget about “who’s right” and let’s focus on “what’s right.” Because what gets healthy permanent results is what I’m focusing on in this post.

I’ve bought and tried every “lose it quick” plan out there and while some I did lose it quick on, I wasn’t wanting the Gain it all back quick situation I got over and over again too.

That’s my whole goal and mission.  To help busy women get healthy, lose the weight they want, but in a way that works with their busy lives and helps teach permanent strategies.

I don’t want you to gain and lose it again and again or struggle and “fall off” without reaching your goals.  Nope, we are so done with that!

There is so much weight loss advice out there, I’m going to tackle the top ones I come across daily when women reach out to me to end their yo yo dieting cycle.

Advise: Cut Calories – Low calorie restrictive diets is the way to weight loss

Ok, so if you look at it as pure math, then yes calories are important for weight loss. If you over eat more than your body uses, then it will be stored to be used for later. Calories do matter.

BUT, they are not the “be-all and end-all” of weight loss; they’re important, but they’re the symptom, not the cause. Looking at what is actually CAUSING this and going to work there will actually fix the issue rather than tossing a ban-aid on it. 

Let’s think about the reasons people eat more calories. Let’s focus on the causes.

People eat too many calories, or over eat for two reasons.  They have Over Hunger or Over Desire.

Over hunger comes from hormones.  The foods they are eating, or not eating, can actually CAUSE their bodies to feel hunger more over. Even if their body has enough fuel to run. 

If you don’t address this issue and try to cut calories low, you’re not solving the actual problem  (There’s that band-aid I talked about before)

Over Desire, what the heck is that?  I know right, I’ve never been taught this in a plan,program or quick fix diet before.  Over Desire is when the brain has strong urges for the food. 

This feels almost like you don’t have a choice or control over the eating.  You plan do “great today” but before you know it you’re digging into the cookies, ice cream or pouring a third glass of wine on a Monday night.

This eating CAN be fixed and reversed, but it needs to be worked on to lower this over desire. 

If you’re used to fighting it with willpower well that’s another band-aid.  Willpower is like a battery and it drains.  This is the reason you “are good” for so long and then before you know it you’re eating at night, grabbing the candy at work or even “needing” the sugar.


Advise: “Eat less move more” That will help you lose weight

Ok, if that is the secret, then why are so many of us over weight?  I’ve heard this for years AND I’ve even spoken these words out of my own mouth. YIKES – I can totally admit I was wrong!

Again, looking at the pure math of it, calories in minus calories out equals your weight. So, eat fewer calories, and burn off more calories makes sense Right? 

Well, here’s the problem with that.  Human bodies are not simple math.  We are complex with hormones and specific uniqueness that does not calculate like  a – b = c

Ok, hold on, I hear you saying, Well Leah, that works, I’ve done it before and I lots weight.   BUT…..if it “worked” did you keep it off?

It didn’t stay off because you’re weak or lazy (I hear that a lot from women who reach out to me)  It’s because it’s NOT a sustainable way to keep weight off because your body is super smart and adapts.

Even worse, this can create more of a problem because when we are over restricting and over training, well here comes out OVER HUNGER and OVER DESIRE yet again. 

In following this advise we are actually making it HARDER to lose the weight.


Advise: A calorie is a calorie – just watch those numbers

This might be one of the biggest misconceptions I see. When I first begin working with my private clients, I take a look at what they are eating currently.  I DON’T go in with a meal plan or diet and make they eat it. 

Looking into seeing what is going on FIRST is such an important step that is often skipped right over.

When I look into this more, many of them have a calorie number they are shooting for and only look at that.  The problem with this is if I eat 1500 calories of donuts and 1500 calories of protein, veggies and whole real foods, well I will get a drastically different result.

Let’s geek out on some science for a second

Science shows several caloric components of food differ from others. For example, the “thermic effect of food” (TEF) – the way our body turns food into fuel – is that some nutrients require calories to be metabolized. They can slightly increase your metabolism, just by eating them.

When you eat protein you burn more calories turning it into fuel than when you eat carbohydrates. Proteins and carbohydrates both have 4 calories/gram; but, the TEF of protein = 15–30%; and the TEF for carbohydrates = 5–10%.

WOW right. And our bodies are all different, so mine could be protein for me could be 30% while yours could be 15%.  Yet another reason why meal plans and cookie cutter diets don’t give everyone the same results

Let’s talk about another one. Different fats are metabolized differently in your body.  Fats have 9 calories per gram, but Medium chain triglycerides (fats) (MCTs) are metabolized by the liver before getting into the bloodstream.  That means they aren’t utilized or stored the same way as other fats.  So again calories are NOT the same.


Advise: Buy this pill, shake, tea, food, patch, magic potion to lose weight

This one makes me nervous.  I see so much out there.  Just because it’s an “herb” DOESN’T mean it’s healthy!

And, I hate to burst any bubbles, but there is no magic pill for weight loss. No drink this fairy dust that will give you healthy permanent weight loss.

There are products that make these claims, many of full of junk, but their marketing is amazing and hey, they get us to buy.  Remember those hormones we talked about earlier? 

Many of these “magic potions” will actually further cause damage to how your body works and makes it……Yup HARDER TO LOSE THE WEIGHT.

They are great for taking your money and further causing you to think “nothing works”.

Please be very careful of this advise.  If you see someone who lost “tons of weight really fast” by taking, popping or using any of these, check back with them in some time and see how long the magic lasted?

Our brains want quick, easy, simple fast!  That’s how brains work.  Why would we take the long route. 

Here’s the real question though.  Do you want lasting healthy results or a quick fix that you have to repeat over and over again (never mind the health aspects of it)

The real magic is working with nutrition, mindset and fitness.   The answer is a long-term lifestyle makeover, not a product.

Let’s recap all that info quick

Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard.  Weeding out all of this advise so that  you can move forward in working on your unique plan is the best place to start.

There is so much advise out there trying to make it sound like they have the quick solution or the latest and greatest new product.

Don’t listen to the advise that says:

  • Fewer calories are the path to weight loss.
  • “Eat less move more” is how to get it done
  • A calorie is a calorie
  • Buy this pill/shake/tea/food/path/magic potion to lose weight.

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