About Me


How I went from overweight
“yo-yo dieter” to helping
hundreds of busy women
end their weight loss struggle!

I thought something was wrong with me

Why couldn’t I do this? I wasn’t able to stay on a diet or eat like “normal” people and I had zero time in my day to be able to lose weight. 

The real problem was I was going about it all wrong.  Eating boring dry salads and killing myself with workouts made me tired and miserable.  

The worst part was these results NEVER lasted.  

I would do great for a few weeks while I was being “good” then I’d just fall off the wagon and give into cravings and have to start all over again (and again and again.)


I’m too busy to lose weight… I can’t do this…..Something in wrong with me.

 I believed all of that and it kept me tired and overweight.   I understand the struggle, it is real and I’ve been there. 

When I had my 4th baby, I was exhausted and couldn’t fit into anything, I had nothing to wear.  Being uncomfortable in my own skin made me try again.  

This time instead of doing yet another diet, I wanted to learn everything for myself.  So, I went to school and became a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  

I thought if I could create the “perfect” plan then I could finally lose this weight and keep it off.  I mean it’s all about diet and exercise……Right? 

Turns out, that’s a big NOPE… I was wrong… Again


I had all of the knowledge to create the best plans, but I still struggled!  No matter what I tried I just couldn’t stay with it, I always went back to eating things I didn’t even want.  Willpower – It just doesn’t work long term.  I needed to understand and fix this so I would never have to diet again.

My brain!  That’s where I needed to do some work. I went back to school again and became a Weight Loss & Life Coach.  

Understanding the reason behind it all.  Not just trying to follow someone else’s diet plan or workout plan isn’t the answer.  Finding out the reason my body had over hunger and over desire for food was the key.

It’s NOT about willpower. It’s NOT about starving yourself.

Understanding what is causing the cravings, hunger is the key.  Finding the reason why your body feels like you’re eating against your own will.  Learning how to first balance your hormones so you’re not starving and cravings foods like bread, chocolate, pizza, chips, wine all the time.

It’s not your fault, you just are missing these tools. 

You are amazing at juggling family, friends, work, community and home.  You have been “dieting for years.”  You see results, but they never really last. You feel stressed out, overwhelmed and lack energy. You’re looking for a solution that you can fit into your already busy life and want to lasting results.  

This is why I love working with busy women.  You spend most of you day taking care of everyone and everything, but don’t have any time to take care of yourself.  It’s time for me to help YOU. 

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